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John Grant

John Grant’s current work involves experimentation with newer photographic resources and technology. He’s seeking to gain facility with digital imaging in order to render a more actively expressive result. Processes include printing on various substrates, paper, cloth, and metal, for example, and recent works involve the use of resin coatings for a hyper-realistic rendition. His most recent exhibitions include Fairytales and Reveries (2009), Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA (two-person show), and The 2010 Annuale International Juried Show at the Light Factory in Charlotte, NC. For more information regarding his work, please visit

Bubble (2012)

A short video exploring the beauty and fragility of our environment as represented by a simple soap bubble.

The Language of Water (2010) 

Carousel Lantern (2009)

Floating Lanterns (2008)


Speck by Russell Richards

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Reflected (2009) – Will May

DESCRIPTION: Reflected is a site-specific piece initially conceived of while attending Let There Be Light in 2007. In addition to the compelling work I saw that night, distant headlights moving past trees along the adjacent highway caught my imagination. This installation attempts to emphasize elements that exist in the surrounding environment. A simple frame sets a stage where light and sound from passing vehicles coincide. (Photograph by Will May)

BIO: Will May has been working as an artist in Charlottesville VA since 1991. He earned his MFA in Photography and Film from VCU, and his BA in Drawing from the College of Wooster. He has participated in group shows internationally, and solo shows in Virginia and North Carolina. Will is currently the Exhibition Director of LOOK3 – Festival of the Photograph. For more information regarding his work, please visit:

Let There Be Light 2008

Photos taken by Stacey Evans on the magical night of  December 12, 2008.

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Dance Move Burglar (2008) – Michelle Cooper

Dance Move Burglar (Click here for video)

“Euromotion is the essence of dance. Euromotion plays dance music and pumps parties all across the space-time continuum. Euromotion wants to make party at your house.” – Skeeter, 3012

PVCC grounds will be the dance floor where we will celebrate the culmination of light, music, and movement of carbon-based life, which is dance. Come prepared to witness dance as you’ve never seen before!

Choreographed by PVCC dance faculty Michelle Cooper and performed by Brushwood’s School of Dance Senior Performance Company members – Erin Chapman, Alexis Clayton, Cynthia Dowell, Abby Hutcherson, Tasia Kisamore, Rachel Liles, Chloe Miksovic, Erin Sprouse, and Emily Troxell.

Performance times: 6:30. 7:30, and 8:30 p.m.

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Ted Coffey

Stacey Evans

John Grant

Greg Antrim Kelly

Lydia Moyer

Rob Tarbell

Skater – Lydia Moyer

Skater (video still)

1 min 36 sec

This video loop is an attempt to capture the solitary magic of a snowy day. The landscape remains just visible behind an ice skater who disappears into and then reappears from a cloud of white lights hovering in the cold air.

Floating Lanterns – Stacey Evans & John Grant

Constructed of bamboo and collage imagery, these mystical lanterns float on the pond powered by the breeze. Pictured: first prototype of a floating lantern. (Photograph by Stacey Evans)

Vision – George Andrews

The artist will be painting in the dark and asking spectators to take his paintings from him to a lighted area on the other side of a divider that will separate his station into a dark half and a light half. Once in the light, spectators will be asked to name the paintings for him. When asked about this contribution to “Let There Be Light”, Andrews says, “I want vision to meet vision.” (Photograph by Emily Cathcart)