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Spectre (2010) – Harriet Arthur

(Photograph by Stacey Evans)

It’s Tricky (2010) – Michelle Cooper

Old school hip-hop inspired piece performed in black light. Performers: Brushwood’s School of Dance Senior Performance Company:  Alex Clayton, Casey Compton, Ashleigh Elliot, Kylie Hall, Charlotte Herbert, Abby Hutcherson, Tasia Kisamore, Rachel Liles, Taylor McGehee, Chloe Miksovic, Erin Sprouse, and Emily Troxell. (Photographs by Bud Branch)

383. Let There Be Light Skull (2010) – Noah Scalin

Arranged structures create a skull image when seen from one specific vantage point. A new addition to the Skull-A-Day project: (Photos by Bud Branch)

Cnidaria (2010) – Jarn Heil

Unidentified flying protoplasm.

The Language of Water (2010) – John Grant

The shapes and forms of ink drops as they disperse in water make surprising imagery in this intriguing stop-action video (still from video by John Grant).

Bond Fire (2010) – Will May, Greg Antrim Kelly & Jesse Dukes


Ever been struck by lightning? Burnt your favorite food? Been surrounded by a swarm of fireflies? Seen a light in the desert? Had a dream about a fireman? Enjoyed a great fire sale? Made your own fireworks? If you relate it to fire we want to hear from you. Whisper it, sing it, tell it, yell it (on second thought maybe don’t yell it).

Greg Kelly, Jesse Dukes and Will May are doing a localized broadcast one night only as part of an artwork for the exhibition Let There Be Light at PVCC – December 10 from 6 to 9 pm.

You can share one of three ways:
1. Tell it live in person over the radio. (send rsvp email to to let us know you’re coming or just show up)
2. Call us at 1-888-495-9993 and follow the directions to leave a voicemail of your story.
3. Email an mp3 of you telling the story to
4. Hire a professional voice actor to be you telling the story using one of the above methods.

Please pass this on. If you know someone who should tell us a story, Jesse has the long description here:


Jesse Dukes

Jesse Dukes is a freelance journalist and radio producer who works with colleagues for Virginia Foundation for the Humanities as behind the scenes engine that edits Sarah McConnell’s interviews for public radio.

Herd (2010) – Lydia Moyer

Inspired by a flashlight-lit walk through a field on a moonless night, Herd will consist of a numerous pairs of disembodied reflective eyes, and will only be visible when a flashlight or headlamp is pointed at them.

VelourK EuphoriLux (2010) – Ted Coffey & Velourk

VelourK presents a mash-up of pieces designed and performed by participants in Ted Coffey’s Enactive Music Technologies advanced sound studio seminar. From light-activated sing-alongs to cybersonic territories of macro-dots and loops, VelourK will project ideas in things at less than four billion lumens. (photograph by Sarah O’Halloran)

Ted Coffey & Velourk

Composers/Performers: Kevin Davis, Erik DeLuca, Sarah O’Halloran, Chris Peck, Braxton Sherouse, Paul Turowski, Alex Wallace, and students from Coffey’s advanced seminar in laptop composition.

Ted Coffey makes acoustic and electronic chamber music, interactive installations, and songs. His work has been presented in concerts and festivals across North America, Europe and Asia, at such venues as Judson Church, The Knitting Factory, Symphony Space, and Lincoln Center (NYC), The Lab, New Langton Arts and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (SF), the Korean National University of the Arts (Seoul), Muziekcentrum de Badcuyp (Amsterdam), and ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany). Coffey’s electroacoustic composition has been featured at ICMC, SEAMUS, the Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, the Spark Festival, the Third Practice Festival, and the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, among others. His writings on the aesthetics and social politics of transmissive networks in the arts have been honored with significant awards from the Josephine De Kármán and Andrew C. Mellon Foundations. Coffey studied composition with Jon Appleton, Christian Wolff, Pauline Oliveros, Paul Lansky, and others, earning degrees at Dartmouth [AB], Mills College [MFA] and Princeton [MFA, PhD]. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia, where he teaches courses in composition, music technologies, critical theory, and pop. For more information regarding his work, please visit