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Dance Move Burglar 2.0 (2015) – Michelle Cooper

Last seen in 2008 at Let There Be Light, Skeeter and the Euromotion crew left earth to embark on a dance party journey through the galaxy. It is rumored that they will return in December and premier their latest electric dance moves on the grounds of PVCC.

Choreographer: Michelle Cooper; Dancers: Michaela Allen, Emily Baker, Kendall Baker, Jordan Capelle, Sarah Edgerton, Ellen Gamage, Maddie Garrett, Gabby Houchens, Lydia Hynes, Cassidy Kline, Emily Liles, Elise Lloyd, Annabel Rhoads, Emily Sprouse, Ashley Webb, Amy Williams

Rereflect (2012) – Will May

Description: Reflected light was compressed and stored using Fowler–Nordheim tunneling, carried from Paris, France to Charlottesville, Virginia, and will be reconstituted inside an oil drum. (Video by James Yates)

Video Clips of Let There Be Light 2012 by Sharon Barrett Kennedy

THANK YOU!!! for Tripping the Light Fantastic with Us

Thanks to everyone – artists, dancers, volunteers, staff, and viewers – for all the effort that brought us into the light and made this the biggest year, yet, with an estimated crowd of 2,500 people. Stay in the light loop by continuing to check out this web site and by “liking” our Let There Be Light Facebook page to view photos and videos from the event as we post them over the next few weeks, and to be kept up on developments regarding next year’s event.

Speaking of light loops, here’s a video of Jarn Heil’s installation from last night (video by Bridget Moriarty):                       

Bubble (2012) – John Grant

THIS JUST IN! An amazing still from John Grant’s piece, “Bubble,” a short video exploring the beauty and fragility of our environment as represented by a simple soap bubble.

Music for AMI, CARI and TAPI (2012) – Troy Rogers & Steven Kemper of Expressive Machines

Nonlethal string, wind, and percussion robots, native to Charlottesville, spread peace, light, and noisy good cheer.

Precedence Effect (2012) – Ted Coffey

Light and sound emitting parabolic dishes.

What is this? (2012) – James Yates

Words appear in a darkened tree, picking up where surrealist René Magritte left off.

Something Fishy (2012) – Jeremy Taylor and Brian Elmore

An upcycled Ford Mercury that has been transformed into a small cabin cruiser boat complete with light and audio components. The initial desire to make this work came out of the essence of contemporary DIY but less formal and rougher/busted aesthetic. While the work may be rough aesthetically it is also tough in structure making the pieces functional in their new purpose. Pieces are built from upcycled wood from pallets, metal parts, motors, wires, and engines from trashed vehicles. In the past the duo has made a Kinetic Albatross powered by water, a miniature light house, a fishing pier, upcycled bikes, skateboards, and surfboards.

Form Follows Fabulous (2012) – Beryl Solla

What happens when a common table and chair get tricked out with an explosive array of glow sticks?