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Let There Be Light 2013

Let There Be Light is the seventh annual, one-night, outdoor art exhibition that will feature light-centered art installations and dance performances as the longest night of the year approaches – eighty days before the winter solstice. Nineteen local and regional artists will be participating. Visitors are invited to come as “enlightened beings” decorated in light. Everyone is encouraged to bring a flashlight. Hot chocolate, warm apple cider and tasty treats will be served to warm visitors. The event is curated by James Yates.

In addition to the art installations, dance pieces choreographed by Michelle Cooper and Katie Schetlick will be performed.

When:  Friday, December 13th, 6 – 9 PM (Rain date: Saturday, December 14th)

Where:  Piedmont Virginia Community College – the grounds surrounding the V. Earl Dickinson Building

Fee:  FREE

LTBL 2013FB (em)

Organumunagro (2013) – Mark Edwards

Forms high on stems in varying densities, luminance of varying brightness. The use of a sequence. Of these forms: anything that suggests reproduction incites titillation. Anything that incites titillation generates emotion, particularly lust, desire, want, need, a flush of blood to the head and crotch. Perhaps other emotions. Also behaviors, left unenumerated.


Ruminations (2013) – Allison Andrews and Julia Dooley

Experimental poetry and re-contextualized cultural references are eloquently blended with sound and overlaid onto a beachscape at sunrise.


Sacred Ground (2013) – Harriet Arthur

Inspired by a previous piece, “Stained Glass Fence” (2011), this year’s Let There Be Light installation takes advantage of an unusual and isolated copse of trees. Lanterns hang from the branches on the periphery of the stand and cast colorful abstract patterns onto the wintry ground, highlighting the ever-present living spirit lurking beneath the brown grass and fallen leaves. Even in the cold darkness of the Winter Solstice, the spark of life and the cyclical growth it portends deserve honor. “Sacred Ground” uses the landscape’s natural features to create a reverential space of miracle and celebration.

Arthur-Sacred Ground(3)

Symmetry Dance (2013) – Jarn Heil

Lights will form geometric shapes overhead in response to viewer’s movements.

Heil-Symmetry Dance

20 (2013) – Peter Krebs

20 is a journey through space and time to a moment and a place we’ve all been before.


Neocybernetic Carols for dancer and musical robots (2013) – Troy Rogers and Katie Schetlick

Dancer/choreographer Katie Schetlick  and composer/instrument builder Troy Rogers imagine a distant future in which a duo of early machine music and dance specialists strive to faithfully reenact a then-ancient ritual centered around the performance of carols celebrating a culturally significant holiday commemorating the myth-inspiring, explosive events that triggered the onset of the second great cybernetic epoch.

Rogers&Schetlick-Neocybernetic Carols

Divine Photo Op (2013) – Beryl Solla

This life sized mixed media piece will provide viewers the opportunity to have their photo taken “as” the Virgin of Guadelupe. Inspired by her Spanish Catholic grandmother, Solla pays homage to the Virgin by making a cut-out of her, complete with a hole where the face should be.  Visitors are invited to pose with/as the Virgin. She will be surrounded by lights and magic. Same as it ever was.

Divine Photo Op

Hoop Dreams Vol. II (2013) – Rich Tarbell

New portraits and remixes of the “Hoop Dreams” photo series that combine dance, human interaction and light painting.  Unique transparent printing methods specifically developed for Let There Be Light will make the subjects come to life in a luminous glow.

Tarbell-Hoop Dreams

Illuminated Map (2013) – Russell Richards

A silkscreened map of the “Let There Be Light” grounds printed in glow in the dark ink which will be given to spectators for finding there way around the event.