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Let There Be Light 2017

WHEN: Friday, December 8th, 6 – 9 PM (Rain Date: Sat., Dec. 9th)
WHERE: The grounds surrounding the V. Earl Dickinson Building at Piedmont Virginia Community College, 501 College Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22902
FEE: Free and open to the public
INFORMATION: 434-977-6918 ,,!/pages/Let-There-Be-Light/21445228606

Let There Be Light will feature 19 light-centered art installations and performances by 24 artists that will celebrate the soon-to-arrive winter solstice. The exhibit, presented by the Piedmont Virginia Community College Art Gallery, is a one-night, outdoor exhibit held on the grounds surrounding the V. Earl Dickinson Building at PVCC on Friday, December 8th, 6 – 9 PM (Rain date: Saturday, December 9th). The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Visitors are invited to come as “enlightened beings” decorated in light. Everyone is encouraged to bring a flashlight. Visitors will be served hot chocolate, hot apple cider and tasty treats. The event is curated by James Yates and co-organized with Beryl Solla, PVCC Gallery Director and Art Department Chair.

Here are some highlights of this year’s event:

  • Diana Hale’s Wave is an illuminated kinetic sculpture comprised of a series of pendulums working in concert to create synchronized waves of light. 
  • “One House” for James Baldwin is a collaborative sound-collage created by local drummer, Steve Snider, and artist/curator, Greg Antrim Kelly, that is a meditation on the late writer and social-critic, James Baldwin, and matters of race in America. 
  • SEARCH-LIGHT ( BE / AM ) will feature a 10,000 watt searchlight with an accompanying text in which Samana points to the true nature and essence of Let There Be Light.
  • Allyson Mellberg Taylor and Jeremy Taylor examine humans’ disconnection with nature with Floaters, an animated video projected onto a sculpture.
  • Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell presents The Trick is Not to Mind It, a live performance installation.

LTBL 2017 postertestLR 5

Ed Acker

Title: Bam-Blu

Description: A multi-dimensional star sculpture made from bamboo and bathed in blue light.

Bio: Ed Acker has had a long love affair with color and light primarily from his with stained glass. His latest interest is in working with materials gathered from nature.


Ed Acker2



Eva Balcazar

Title: Cake on Fire

Balcazar-Cake On Fire-#2 Balcazar-Cake on Fire-#1

Description: A layered cake with buttermilk frosting goes up in flames.

Bios: Eva Balcazar is completing her degree at PVCC. Art has been a passion of hers since childhood and she is now trying to discover as many art mediums as she can

Fenella Belle

Title: Gumdrop Creek

Description: An ordinary rusty culvert pipe spews forth a stream of beautiful frozen colored cubes of light. Blocks of colored ice will soften and melt away as the evening proceeds, disappearing into the darkness of the night like a sparkling but waning evanescent tide.

Bios: Fenella Belle received her MFA in fibers from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and currently teaches in the art department at PVCC. Both her personal artwork and her teaching embrace a mixed media approach to making art with an emphasis on play and discovery. Belle’s background includes teaching adults and children, museum education and exhibit design, fabric printing and installation art. She is particularly interested in making art accessible to everyone, regardless of age and education.

Becky Brown

Title: refuge, retreating

Description: Safety expects itself to continue. Routine expects itself to continue. “refuge,

retreating” is a nonverbal story told in scrapbook lanterns exploring when both expectations fail.

Bio: Becky Brown is a composer, harpist, artist, and web designer, interested in producing intensely personal works across the multimedia spectrum. Currently, she is pursuing a doctorate in composition at the University of Virginia, is the Technical Director of the Electroacoustic Barn Dance, and recently worked as a Music Technology Specialist at the University of Richmond. Her music has been performed at SEAMUS, SCI National/Regional, Third Practice New Music Festival, Ball State New Music Festival, and in Beijing, China. Hold Still, her work for live art and electronics, will be released on the SEAMUS label in August 2017. She is a 2015 Music and Computer Science graduate of the University of Mary Washington, studying electroacoustic composition with Dr. Mark Snyder, and harp performance with Dr. Grace Bauson.

Alex Christie and Ben Robertson

Title: Wall Works


Description: A play between light & decaying sonorities, in which varying pulses of artificial incandescence drive a sonic landscape re-embodied within physical surfaces.  

Bios: Alex Christie makes acoustic music, electronic music, and intermedia art in many forms. His work has been called “vibrant”, “interesting, I guess”, and responsible for “ruin[ing] my day”. He has collaborated with artists in a variety of fields and is particularly interested in the ways in which acoustic and electronic sound worlds intersect. Recently, Alex’s work has explored the ecology of performance in intermedia art and interactive electronic music. Through real-time audio processing, instrument building, video, lighting, and theater, Alex expands performance environments to offer multiple lenses through which the audience can experience the work. He is curious about the design of power structures, systems of interference, absurdist bureaucracy, and indeterminacy in composition. Alex holds degrees from the Oberlin Conservatory

and Mills College and is currently pursuing a PhD in Composition and Computer Technologies (CCT) at the University of Virginia. More info. at

Ben Luca Robertson is a composer, experimental luthier, and co-founder of the independent record label, Aphonia Recordings.  His work addresses an interest in autonomous processes, landscape, and biological systems—often by supplanting narrative structure with an emphasis on the re-embodiment of sound, spectra, and microtonality. Growing up in the dry, expansive landscapes of the inland Pacific Northwest, impressions of Ponderosa pine trees, channel scablands, basalt outcroppings, vacant lots, and relics of boomtown decay continue to haunt his work.  In the Summer of 2015, he was appointed to a guest research position at the Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interactions (TAUCHI) in Finland and recently collaborated with the University of Idaho Water Resources Department to sonify migratory patterns of Chinook salmon.  Ben holds an M.A. in Music Composition from Eastern Washington University and a B.A. from the Evergreen State College.  As an educator, he has taught courses in composition, music technology, and instrument design.  His music has been performed both regionally and abroad, including the New York Reembodied Sound Symposium, Olympia Experimental Music Festival, Prichard Gallery, Seattle Magma Festival, and Sound & Music Computing Conference in Maynooth, Ireland.  Ben is currently pursuing a PhD in Composition & Computer Technologies at the University of Virginia.

Tom Clarkson and Nancy Ross

Title: Fire and Smoke: Episode VI

Description: Raku demonstration with PVCC ceramic students. Nancy Ross will demonstrate horsehair and feather raku.

Bios: Tom Clarkson has been a studio potter and ceramics teacher for over 30 years. He has exhibited his work nationally for decades. He has an MFA in Ceramics from Ohio University. He is the director of the ceramics program at Piedmont Virginia Community College.

Nancy Ross produces a line of functional, wheel-thrown stoneware with some one-of-a-kind, altered pieces in a one-woman studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia. She works in several different directions at the same time—most recently working on alternately fired pieces such as raku and horsehair raku. She has been teaching college ceramics since 2009 at PVCC.,,





demo larger file

Ted Coffey

Title: Angels / Over Exposure

Description: Constructive destructive editing in the community dark room.

Bio: Ted Coffey makes acoustic and electronic chamber music, interactive installations, and songs. His work has been presented in concerts and festivals across North America, Europe and Asia. Coffey is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Virginia, where he teaches courses in composition, music technologies, music aesthetics, and pop.

Mark Edwards

Title: OLO: 50 Foot Soprano

Description: OLO: 50 Foot Soprano is the first part of Mark Edwards’ (Artist) new opera, which introduces us to the Dimension Garden, a place where nonspecific activities occur. The nonspecific activities will be notated by an X, but since they are multidimensional, you may not see them. Then again, you may. This is the first time at the Let There Be Light dealio Edwards will incorporate waveforms lower than the visible, specifically those in 5Hz to 20kHz. Physicists will recognize these frequencies (aka freqs) as audio. Musicians will recognize these freqs as music. Linguists will recognize these freakies as words. The lazy and stupid may not recognize them at all. Then again, they may. Materials: Bamboo, Tissue Paper, Electronics, Air, Water, Dirt

Bio: Mark Edwards has been arting since November 1961. That makes him 56 years old. Old enough to be your father. He has participated in the Let There Be Light event for four years. He has produced and directed hundreds of films. You may find them here:

One Minute Movies – a new movie made for you every day


Narrative Movies

Diana Hale with Dan Purdy

Title: Wave


Hale-Wave-#1 Hale-Wave-#2 Hale-Wave-#3 Hale-Wave-#4

Description: Wave is an illuminated kinetic sculpture comprised of a series of pendulums working in concert to create synchronized waves of light.  Guest artist Dan ‘Jugglenaut’ Purdy will be accompanying the installation with juggling throughout the evening.

Bios: Diana Hale is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Radio-Television-Film.  She currently resides in the Charlottesville area and enjoys experimenting with various media including embroidery, printmaking, and metal sculpture. In addition to creating her own pieces, she has curated several mail art collaborations including The Philpott Lake Project, exhibited at PVCC in the fall of 2016. Wave will be her second Let There Be Light installation, a dry follow up to last

year’s water based Illumination.  She currently supports her creative endeavors by working as a corporate cog, stonemason and antique dealer. 

Dan ‘Jugglenaut’ Purdy is a casual juggler associated with Air Raid Juggling Club, based in Charlottesville.  He has been juggling for about six years and specializes in a variety of three-ball patterns and enjoys glow balls and also roller skating and juggling simultaneously.