Painting with Light (2014) – Chris Haske

Using long exposure photography and a flashlight you can “paint” by moving the flashlight through the air. The resulting photograph shows a line of light where you moved the flashlight. Seven middle school students from Peabody School explored that basic concept and expanded it dramatically. They designed new light tools to create unique ways of creating lines, shapes, and patterns in the resulting photographs. Through this exploration they have choreographed light images that they will perform. Interspersed between the student performances is an opportunity for the audience to “paint with light”. The resulting photographs are projected on to a large screen immediately after the shutter closes on the long exposure photograph. Light tools are available to use, but feel free to use your own too. Images will be available for audience members on the internet following the exhibition.

Painting with Light(2) -ChrisHaske-lo(2014)

Painting with Light(1)-ChrisHaske-lo(2014)

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