William Bennett and Joseph Schepps

William Bennett is a sculptor and Associate Professor of Sculpture at the University of Virginia where he has been teaching sculpture for thirty-four years.  He is especially interested in interactive and performative sculptures that engage the viewer as a participant with the sculpture. It is in this spirit that he has partnered with Joe Schepps to present “Byron’s Telescope in the Akashik Field” at “Let there be Light, PVCC” 2013.  His current project is the “Thomas Hughes/Thomas Jefferson Navigator”, a large outdoor interactive machine sculpture that will be installed on the UVA grounds in 2014.

Joseph Schepps is a Grandfather, Father, Builder, Performance and Sculpture artist, who resides in Charlottesville VA. His ethereal and elemental themes will be showcased in Byron’s Telescope in the Akashic Field. Strongly influenced by the spinning ball of fire that is at the core of everything, his passion is in collaborative, interactive pieces. In association with William Bennett, and as a community member, with the UVA sculpture department, he has been striving to blend creativity into reason.

Byron’s Telescope in the Akashik Field (2013)

Byron’s Telescope in the Akashik Field is an audience participation, performance sculpture. Members of the general public will be given the opportunity to enter the telescope for a ride. Surrounded by a trapezium dome, the telescope will appear out of a porthole, as the rider is raised up to the stars. When they are lowered back to earth, the gravitational forces they witness, are given a new significance. Each rider, bringing their own perspective, gives the sculpture an ever expanding (and contracting) dimension.