Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards is a systems theorist stuck inside the mind of an artist. He has been struck by chords, lightning, and a couple of golf balls in his day. These hurlants must have dislodged something, because he’s obsessed with form and flow. In fact he is making a documentary triptych  called Hey Mad Scientist: Form & Structure, Groove & Flow, and Surface & Boundary. Edwards is moving out from the 2D world of film, graphic and web design into 3+ D design. His recent Organumunagro Firma is set of ratios (12:4:3), compound curves & physical calculus, and mimicry of the natural world. Nature doesn’t seem to mind, little green neon grasshoppers are climbing all over this sculpture. Mr. Edwards has been messing with electronics and coding, so this year’s “Let There Be Light” sculpture will float in the darkened sky, tilt, and boogie. Links to the Edwards oeuvre:

Links to the Edwards oeuvre:

Olo (2015)
Organomunagro: Floating in Air (2014)
Organumunagro (2013)