Tim Michel and Mark Schuyler

Tim Michel came to Charlottesville to complete a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from UVA. He is a local printmaker who has shown his work extensively in the region. He is currently exhibiting in three shows in the area. He counts Karen Shea Silverman and Dean Dass among his most important teachers.

This is Mark Schuyler’s third year with “Let There Be Light,” in collaboration with the landscape artist, Tim Michel. Mark studied sculpture under British sculptor William Tucker, art theory with philosopher and critic, Arthur Danto, at Columbia, performance art with the artist, Linda Mussman, and lighting design under the opera lighting designer, Robert Brand. He is a founder of Live Arts and the local community radio station WNRN. He lives in central Virginia.

Fast Money (2014)

An interactive installation in which viewers use manual flint strikers to make flashes greatly enhanced by reflection & projection.