Matthew Slaats

Matthew Slaats engages in hybrid roles, as an artist, designer, teacher, organizer, and activist, focusing on a unique exploration of the complexities of the contemporary landscape. Situated in the public realm, Matthew’s work initiates ways of understanding the complexity of place, using culture, media, and technology as a form for community engagement. His work has been exhibited internationally at the Bagabas Beach International Eco Arts Festival, Open Engagement, Conflux, Eyebeam, LA Contemporary Exhibitions, and the DC Arts Commissions 5×5 project. He is the executive director of The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, the Creative Hub of Charlottesville. Matthew holds an MFA and MA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Art and a BA in Archaeology from the University of Evansville.

Lighting the Night with Black Voices (2013)
Light of Mine (2014)