Ted Coffey & Travis Thatcher

Ted Coffey makes acoustic and electronic chamber music, sound art, and songs. His work has been presented in concerts and festivals across North America, Europe and Asia. Recently he has focused on collaborations with dance, developing large-scale works with Bill T. Jones. Coffey studied composition with Jon Appleton, Christian Wolff, Pauline Oliveros, Paul Lansky, and others, earning degrees at Dartmouth (AB), Mills College (MFA) and Princeton (MFA, PhD). He is Associate Director of the Virginia Center for Computer Music and Associate Professor of Music at the University of Virginia, where he teaches courses in composition, music technologies, critical theory, and pop.

Travis Thatcher is a musician, instrument designer, and software developer, recently relocated to Charlottesville, VA. With a background in computer science (BS) and computer music (MS) from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Travis currently holds a position as the technical director for the Virginia Center for Computer Music at the University of Virginia. Travis has been creating and performing electronic music for the last 15 years under various monikers and has also been behind the Voice of Saturn line of synthesizer modules and effects. Current interests include building new musical interfaces, sonification of data, the DIY movement in general and chili (seriously).

 Thrum (2014)