Rose Guterbock & A.I. Miller

Deborah Rose Guterbock is a native of Charlottesville, VA. She earned her BFA in Painting from George Mason University in 2010.  Her mediums of choice include box assemblage, additive sculpture and jewelry design. As a member of the McGuffey Art Center incubator studio, she is currently working on puppet design and alternate narrative media.
She lives with her husband, artist A.I. Miller and their three dogs. To view her work, go to:

Aaron Arthur Irvine Miller, born in Fort Worth, Texas, is a figurative painter and comics artist. His passion is for exploring the vast poetic possibilities of narrative sequential art, which he studied extensively while earning his MFA at MICA. The subject of his work ranges from non-fiction and autobiography to philosophical cyberpunk fables. He is currently living in Charlottesville, Virginia, with his wife and pet Bichon. There, he has an active studio practice, and is working on several projects including the science fiction serial, “Bicephalous Cyborg.” To view his work, go to:

Lunar Landspeeder (2015)
Bringing Home Baby (2014)