Travis Thatcher, Peter Bussigel & Luke Dahl

Travis Thatcher is a musician, instrument designer, and software developer based in Charlottesville, VA. In addition to working as the Technical Director for the University of Virginia’s Composition and Computer Technology program, Travis has been creating and performing electronic music for the last 15 years under various monikers and is also been behind The Voice of Saturn line of synthesizer modules and effects.

Peter Bussigel is a composer and intermedia artist who builds sound systems for concerts, installations, speakers, and screens. His projects include audiovisual instruments, interactive software programs, sound sculptures, experimental videos, and concert games. Peter teaches intermedia art at UVA. For more information visit

Luke Dahl is a musician and technologist who creates ambient music, electronic dance music, and interactive pieces. He also teaches courses on composition and computing technologies in the Music Department at UVA.

Ground Control (2015)