Mark Edwards – OMGOMGLOL

Mark Edwards


Description: The OMGOMGLOLO repeats previous failed efforts at the synthesis of intersectionality and non-intersectionality. The member sets of these units are oh-so-tired, like the tropes in an episode of Gilligan’s Island, or perhaps the representations of hepsachordianism and scrantonbillies. As every scrantonbilly knows, not every cup is haffull, haffmtea—it is what you do with the glass tha mattr.

Bio: Mark Edwards, what you might call a random mutation, is continuing to break them rocks. He brought forth upon this earth, not a single child. Made a little love. Got down tonight. The previous attempts at humor fell flat. So he was born in Alabama, no banjos. He’s so very interested in invisible form, form of objects with dimensions invisible to the eye. Really. So hard to take Edwards seriously, but taken he must be. Raised in North Carolina, Penna., washed a lot of dishes in Memphis, spent some time in New Orleans. Escaped from San Francisco. Been living in a groovy hut in Belmont for nigh on two decades. Made plenty of enemies, bitter, resentful, but dealing, oh, GOD, dealing with it. Still working on “Hey Mad Scientist” a feature length film essay (oh god, no!). Edwards’ One Minute Movies (143 one minute movies made before the artist crapped out). To view his work, go to: