Alan Goffinski and Matthew Slaats – Let It Burn

Alan Goffinski and Matthew Slaats

Title: Let It Burn


Description: Matthew Slaats and Alan Goffinski need to get something off their chest. As a matter of fact, they’re not the only ones. It seems like everyone is a little on edge lately. No doubt, the past year has been tense for everyone. As a society we have just endured a season of palpable discord that has forced a schism in the very foundation of our civil society. Join us near the pond by the Dickinson building at 7:00 to participate in a spirited, cathartic release of our collective anxiety… and let it burn.

Bios: Matthew Slaats and Alan Goffinski are Charlottesville based social practice artists with a proclivity towards collaboration in their work.

Alan Goffinski is a recent transplant to Central Virginia. His work incorporates whimsy, inclusiveness, and participation while seeking to use art and creative placemaking as an invitation to broader perspectives.

Matthew Slaats engages in hybrid roles, as an artist, designer, teacher, organizer, and activist, focusing on how art is used to address equity and social justice. Situated in the public realm, Matthew’s work initiates ways of understanding the complexity of place, using culture, media, and technology as a form for community engagement and investment.