Allyson Mellberg Taylor and Jeremy Taylor

Title: Floaters

Description: An animated video examining humans’ disconnection with nature is projected onto a sculpture. The video explores themes of violence, loneliness, and ownership of nature and its relationship to modern life.

Bios: Allyson Mellberg Taylor is a drawer, painter, printmaker, sculptor, sewer, organic vegetable and pigment gardener, mother, zine/artist book maker, science-fiction lover, and art teacher who lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Allyson’s work is rooted in dystopic sci-fi and the lovely/uncomfortable space we humans attempt to occupy in nature. Allyson frequently collaborates with her husband Jeremy Seth Taylor (her favorite artist). Allyson and Jeremy have a daughter named Margot, two cats called Matokie and Denree, and a handful of unnamed houseplants.

Jeremy Seth Taylor is a painter, drawer, printmaker, animator, sculptor, bio-intensive food and pigment gardener, and educator. His work is built from a strong reverence for animals and nature. He explores issues of fear, domination, exploitation, manipulation and control. In his work, Jeremy uses traditional forms that are reminiscent of Japanese block printing, children’s book illustrations, comic books, and Flemish engravings. His work finds the space where these illustrative formats converge to slur ideas of innocence and experience; where fantasy merges with ominous realism. He loves animals, the ocean, foraging, making zines, collaborating with his wife to make drawings and sculptures. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife Allyson, daughter Margot, and two cats called Matokie and Denree.