Description: An installation of a 10,000 watt searchlight with an accompanying text in which Samana points to the true nature and essence of Let There Be Light.

“Who is the one who would search for light? More intimate and closer than breath, free of distance and location, the illumined radiance of and as Knowing is the nature of experience, immanent, ineffable. Who is the one who would search for light, is the light itSelf. This is your Divine condition” ~ Samana

Bio: That which appears as Samana has served as teacher, guide, artist, writer, poet, musician, mystic, healer. As artist, paintings, installations, performance, speaking to conditions as “direct application of a therapeutic action”, have been exhibited internationally, including the Venice Biennale and the American Visionary Art Museum, music as spontaneous soundscapes have been offered in diverse settings. Samana has worked with shamans, lamas, studied traditional and esoteric healing arts and Ayurveda. This arising is the serving as a channel by and as direct means, for transmission, a conduit for transformation, remembrance, and the Sacred as every moment, unlimited, unbound, unconditional. The ever-present invitation to what is always here, serving awakening as that which is always awake. “Samana is not a name for i, me, mine, or a name which refers to an object. Samana refers to the Sameness, a pointer to that which simply is.” Samana is currently offering private and group Satsang, both online and in residence. Website: