Greg Antrim Kelly and Steve Snider

Title: “One House” for James Baldwin

Description: “One House” is a collaborative sound-collage created by local drummer, Steve Snider and artist/curator Greg Antrim Kelly. Through the medium of sound, the two artists responded to the work of the late writer and social-critic, James Baldwin, producing a piece which serves as a meditation on Baldwin and matters of race in America. The artists took the title of this exhibition, “Let There Be Light”, as the inspiration for their work. The title of the piece itself is taken from a speech* by Baldwin in which he addresses America’s “racial problem”. *A link to the clip in its entirety is HERE (the excerpt from which the title “One House” was taken, begins at minute 12:27)

 Listen above or download below. Headphones encouraged.

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One House-Greg Kelly & Steve Snider






Bios: Greg Antrim Kelly is a Charlottesville-based artist, curator, and arts administrator. He is co-founder of The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative and the Charlottesville Mural Project, where he served as Director from 2004-2013/2016-2017, respectively. Kelly’s work as a studio artist explores a wide range of mediums and themes. He’s presently at work on his second independently published illustrated book project, exploring issues of addiction and race in America. Link:

Steve Snider is a drummer living in Charlottesville, VA.  He has been performing and recording for over 20 years, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends.  His more recent work has included the improvisational duo Space-Saver and his solo drum and voice project Golden Glasses.  Snider approaches the drum set as an opportunity to communicate directly and immediately with other human beings, and he plays a ton of notes! Links:;;