Diana Hale with Dan Purdy

Title: Wave


Hale-Wave-#1 Hale-Wave-#2 Hale-Wave-#3 Hale-Wave-#4

Description: Wave is an illuminated kinetic sculpture comprised of a series of pendulums working in concert to create synchronized waves of light.  Guest artist Dan ‘Jugglenaut’ Purdy will be accompanying the installation with juggling throughout the evening.

Bios: Diana Hale is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Radio-Television-Film.  She currently resides in the Charlottesville area and enjoys experimenting with various media including embroidery, printmaking, and metal sculpture. In addition to creating her own pieces, she has curated several mail art collaborations including The Philpott Lake Project, exhibited at PVCC in the fall of 2016. Wave will be her second Let There Be Light installation, a dry follow up to last

year’s water based Illumination.  She currently supports her creative endeavors by working as a corporate cog, stonemason and antique dealer. 

Dan ‘Jugglenaut’ Purdy is a casual juggler associated with Air Raid Juggling Club, based in Charlottesville.  He has been juggling for about six years and specializes in a variety of three-ball patterns and enjoys glow balls and also roller skating and juggling simultaneously.