John Grant

John Grant’s current work involves experimentation with newer photographic resources and technology. He’s seeking to gain facility with digital imaging in order to render a more actively expressive result. Processes include printing on various substrates, paper, cloth, and metal, for example, and recent works involve the use of resin coatings for a hyper-realistic rendition. His most recent exhibitions include Fairytales and Reveries (2009), Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA (two-person show), and The 2010 Annuale International Juried Show at the Light Factory in Charlotte, NC. For more information regarding his work, please visit

Bubble (2012)

A short video exploring the beauty and fragility of our environment as represented by a simple soap bubble.

The Language of Water (2010) 

Carousel Lantern (2009)

Floating Lanterns (2008)