Harriet Arthur

Harriet Arthur is a self-described “former extrovert turned recluse” who lives and makes art in central Virginia. To view a previous year’s installation, Winterflies, go to:


[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSsCLtd4ut”]


Sacred Ground (2013)

Inspired by a previous piece, “Stained Glass Fence” (2011), this year’s Let There Be Light installation takes advantage of an unusual and isolated copse of trees. Lanterns hang from the branches on the periphery of the stand and cast colorful abstract patterns onto the wintry ground, highlighting the ever-present living spirit lurking beneath the brown grass and fallen leaves. Even in the cold darkness of the Winter Solstice, the spark of life and the cyclical growth it portends deserve honor. “Sacred Ground” uses the landscape’s natural features to create a reverential space of miracle and celebration.

Winterflies (2009)

Spectre (2010)