Beryl Solla

Beryl Solla received her MFA from the University of Miami when dinosaurs roamed the earth. She has been a public artist for the past 25 years with major projects in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. She is currently the chair of the Art Department at PVCC and curates the gallery.

In The Night Kitchen (2014)

Group Solla

Cheese grater Solla

Divine Photo Op (2013)

This life sized mixed media piece will provide viewers the opportunity to have their photo taken “as” the Virgin of Guadelupe. Inspired by her Spanish Catholic grandmother, Solla pays homage to the Virgin by making a cut-out of her, complete with a hole where the face should be.  Visitors are invited to pose with/as the Virgin. She will be surrounded by lights and magic. Same as it ever was.

Form Follows Fabulous (2012)

What happens when a common table and chair get tricked out with an explosive array of glow sticks?